Meitu Debuts #FacesOfFashion to Bring Beauty to the World


Meitu, one of the world’s leading beauty app developers with its apps installed on over one billion unique mobile devices worldwide, has unveiled #FacesOfFashion, an international campaign that promotes global talent, beauty and fashion brands through China’s top social video-sharing platform, Meipai.



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The campaign kicked off by streaming London Collections Men to more than 100 million Meipai users in China. Leading fashion influencers including Eva Herzigova, Stephen James and Oliver Proudlock, partnered with Meitu’s #FacesOfFashion to shoot exclusive footage for Meipai, which included backstage access and interviews with well-known faces like One Direction’s Niall Horan, Stanley Tucci, Hu Bing and David Gandy.

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“FacesOfFashion is an exclusive, cross-cultural campaign designed to bring content from global talent, beauty and fashion brands in other parts of the world to hundreds of millions of mobile consumers in China,” says Frank Fu, Managing Director of Meitu’s Global Operations. “FacesOfFashion will also help drive global awareness for Meitu’s selfie and virtual makeup apps, including BeautyPlus, MakeupPlus and SelfieCity, to consumers and brand partners.”

#FacesOfFashion comes off the heels of Meitu’s campaign with South Korea’s #1 beauty influencer and makeup artist, PONY. Meitu’s fully integrated program included in-app promotion of PONY on MakeupPlus, and branded makeup looks, tutorials and exposure on Meipai. More than 730 million selfies have been created using PONY’s MakeupPlus looks, and PONY’s debut Meipai livestream received 2.6 million likes.



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The success of PONY’s campaign inspired Meitu to leverage its user base on Meipai to help bridge the gap between east and west and provide exposure for brands, influencers and events outside of China to a Chinese audience hungry for content from other markets.

Meitu plans to bring #FacesOfFashion to multiple fashion and beauty events throughout the U.S., Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific as an ongoing initiative.