Author Jay Payne’s Me, Myself & I: Who Are YOU?


Many people working in high stress related jobs and careers are finding that achieving life balance is difficult. Accomplishing goals and building strong interpersonal relationships including one’s love life can be a challenge. Author Jay Payne has studied, researched, explored and developed concepts and tools that can help one attain and maintain a balanced life.



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Through an approach that is not medical, scientific, or metaphysical, the author came to realize there are three distinct parts or facets to everyone’s personality. He termed these facets, “Me, Myself & I.” These facets reside within everyone’s personality. However, one facet is typically more dominant than the other two. Payne calls that an individual’s personality type. Additionally, we are made of body, mind, and spirit. He calls these the core facets and one of these facets typically is more vital than the other two for a person to function and operate at their very best. This is our core type. To have a balanced life, one must first identify, know and understand your core type and personality type.

In Guard Your Core: 17 Life Lessons on Me, Myself & I, readers will learn:

  • What their core type is
  • How to guard their core and manage their personality type
  • How these profound eye-opening concepts will easily and progressively impacts one’s career, relationship, and circle of influence
  • How these principles have helped dozens of relationships, marriages, and even managerial and human resources matters regarding employee behavior and development



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“Business/career goals and interpersonal relationships are related, but they are not the same. You may have heard the adage: a public success, but a private failure. That is a powerful statement that distinguishes the differences but also emphasizes the important connection between core type and personality type. In the end, we all want both public and private success for a well-balanced life,” says Jay Payne, author of Guard Your Core: 17 Life Lessons on Me, Myself & I.