A Cleaner Solution for Yogis Everywhere


ByVivid launched online as a yoga brand made for yogis looking for a cleaner practice. ByVivid offers anti-bacterial, eco-friendly, and high quality yoga mats and blocks containing their new StayFreshTec antibacterial technology that has not been seen in the industry before. There are currently 36.7 million people who practice yoga in the US, increased from 20.4 million in 2012, which makes yoga the fastest growing sport in America. Founders Dennis Jager and Dennis Lau saw a problem with the cleanliness and sustainability of workout gear currently on the market and began research to find a solution.



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Research has shown that yoga mats, especially those used and reused in yoga studios, can cause acne, transfer infections like staph/strep, and start to develop odor caused by germs and bacteria. To answer these health concerns, byVivid has created StayFreshTec, an antibacterial and odor control technology that is proven to prevent 99.9% of bacteria and fungi.

Many of today’s yoga mats are made with a plastic called PVC, the most toxic plastic, which contains cancer-causing materials. byVivid uses natural rubber harvested from non-Amazon rubber trees as a healthier alternative to PVC. This natural rubber proves to be the safest material containing no toxins, dioxins or heavy metals while maintaining superior performance, grip, and durability of a yoga mat. byVivid also aims to stay green by manufacturing in zero waste and zero pollution factories.



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The new yoga mats and yoga blocks provided by byVivid offer yogis a completely new way to think about their gear. With their new StayFreshTec, byVivid plans to release even more products in the future including mats and towels specific for hot yoga. ByVivid mats and blocks are available for purchase now at byvivid.com and Amazon.