Tercero Wines Characterized by Complex, Layered Taste


Growing grape vines takes time, patience, nourishment, and needs to be looked after with care and attentiveness. Just like grape vines, Larry Schaffer of Tercero Wines took the time and patience to learn and understand how grapes end up turning into wine and he grew into the beloved winemaker he is today.  Let’s take a look at some of the highlighted wines by Tercero Wines.



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White Wines:

The Outlier contains vigorous floral and honeysuckle aromas but it not as sweet as people think. It has a slight sweetness and surprises most people who try it. This wine was stainless steel fermented at low temperatures and transferred to stainless drums while trying to avoid any oxidation in order to contain the lovely aromas it is known for. Late Harvest Viognier is a dessert style wine that is not too sweet to enjoy on its own or with spicy food but just sweet enough to be enjoyed after dinner with dessert.



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Red Wines:

Les Deux Comtes, which in French means “the two counties”, is a wine made in collaboration with Cabot Vineyards in Humboldt County. It is a special blend with attributes from two counties. This blend contains half of its fruit from Humboldt County and the other half of the fruit from Santa Barbara County. Combining the two results in this delicious blend. Watch Hill is a Grenache that only tastes better with time. The grapes for this particular wine were cold soaked for four days before being fermented for approximately twelve days then aged in French oak barrels for nearly three yearsVerbiage Rouge is an impeccable blend and a tasty experience for the palate. Each component of this wine was fermented and aged separately for thirty-four months in older French oak barrels up until every component was blended together right before bottling.


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If you are looking for unique tasting, hand crafted wines with sophistication and stories behind each blend, look no further. For more information on Tercero, please visit tercerowines.com.