Five Activities To Experience In Paso Robles, California


Paso Robles is home to over two hundred fifty wineries with vineyards across twenty-six thousand acres. It is an obvious destination for wine lovers but Paso Robles has more to offer.



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Here are five outdoor activities to experience while in Paso Robles:


Whether it is your first time going on a hike or you are an avid hiker, there are multiple trails to hike in and around Paso. Great coastal hikes to visit are Oak Knoll, The Lake Valley Loop, Montana de Oro, Quail’s Roost trails, and Salinas River Parkway.


Zip Lining

Imagine soaring through the sky like a bird. Now imagine doing so over vineyards. Paso Robles is where you can turn that imagination into reality as you zip line over hundreds of acres of historic vineyards.

Riding A Kayak

Want to take splash and enjoy the lake? Take a nature tour of Santa Margarita Lake on a kayak!


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Horseback Riding

Go on a delightful trip into the countryside on horseback with scenic views or ride through the hills of Paso Robles where you can stop to taste wine.

Bike Riding

Take a bike ride around the Downtown City Park, along winding roads, or through the back country. You can even stop and enjoy a wine tasting in between. Local trails include Turtle Creek Loop, Sherwood Forest Loop Trail, Centennial Park Trail, Salinas River Parkway Trail, and Charolais Corridor Trail.



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Paso Robles offers a variety of options to luxuriate in. It is a lovely getaway to relax and enjoy some quality time. Beyond the list of these five activities, this beautiful city has something to offer for everyone. It is family and pet friendly. There are many fantastic flavors to try made by locally sourced ingredients ranging from award-winning olive oils to artisanal cheeses and more. Being a family friendly city, dad can enjoy a game of golf with over ten golf courses to choose from all within a thirty minute drive while mom pampers herself at the spa or the hot springs. The kids can spend the day at Ravine Water Park or check out art exhibits. Venture off and after a breathtakingly scenic forty-five minute drive sits the iconic Hearst Castle which is a must see. Whether you find Paso Robles to be your wedding, honeymoon, or getaway destination, it is a gorgeous city to visit that is full of history, flavors, and activities. Visit to start planning your special trip.