Branding Strategy Tips for Business From United Digital CEO Joe Wehinger


At our company, United Digital, our focus is strengthening internet presence for our clients that results in awareness and sales. There are a number of ways to accomplish these results – social media marketing, video production and promotion, SEO, branding — just to name a few. Today we’re going to talk about one of the first steps – branding strategy.



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If you are starting your business, it is critical to make sure you include a branding strategy that will identify who you are, what you represent, and who is your target audience. If you are just getting started, or are running a small company you don’t have to create a massive document. This simple outline can help you when creating your own strategy.


Brand Vision

You want to create a heading with your vision, with a brief explanation of what the goal of your company is. Your brand vision can be defined as the long term strategic position that you will take in the market as well as in the mind of your customer. This should provide a clear strategic objective that will serve as the ultimate goal of your company. You want to talk about what success will look like and what it is you are trying to accomplish. You also want to discuss the steps that will need to be taken in order to get to the finish line. Make sure you include at least one to three milestones.


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Core Values

Your core values are the non-negotiable beliefs you hold and want your company to represent. Even if you are self-employed, it is still important to develop these values, since they will serve as a guide for how you conduct business, as well as how you will be represented in the public eye.

If you haven’t given this much thought before, now is the time to do some exploration regarding the events and circumstances that have shaped who are, and how you want that to be reflected in your core values. List three to five elements or qualities that you believe are important for your brand to embody.


Data and Target Audience

You want to take the time to research your audience and identify your target market/ideal customer. Focus groups, customer surveys and demographic data are excellent sources of data, and they will help you tremendously when trying to identify where you stand in the marketplace. Make sure you include visualizations and graphics that are easy to digest.


Brand Promise

You want to conclude with a brand promise, which is your commitment to to your customers. You want to create a contract with your audience Your brand promise is telling your customers what you promise you’ll do for them. This is also referred to as a “tagline”. You want this to be a brief and easy to remember statement.