Cass Wines Perfectly Captures the flavor of the California Central Coast


When one thinks of the California Central Coast, the ocean and vineyards come to mind along with the ocean breeze and the ease of the lifestyle. It is a location of serenity and stunning views of the ocean with spectacular wine that is simply divine. As I attended the Rhone Rangers event, I had the pleasure of tasting Cass Wines. My immediate reaction was pure joy and a smile. It was as if I took a sip of tranquility and experienced a sense of calmness and felt like I was at the ocean. Cass comprehensively captures the true spirit of the California Central Coast. You can feel the ease and flow with a taste that will make you glow.



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Signature Blends:

The Vintage Ted is everything you can ask for in a red wine. It is loaded with character and really packs a punch with rich flavor. It is as cool as “Ted” who is pictured on the bottle. It is their special, handcrafted blend that pairs well with a vast variety of options.

The Paderewski Zinfandel has a hint of spice and many other elements that taste nicely. It is named after Ignacy Jan Paderewski who was a Polish pianist and composer. Paderewski bought property in Rancho San Ignacio, near Paso Robles, in the Central Coast of California right before World War I. Ten years later, he planted Zinfandel vines on the property and had the wine made for him when the vines matured.


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Love Potion #9 is a savory blend consisting of spices, black cherry, smoked tomato paste, with a few more special ingredients. It is daring yet colorful and romantic.

Rockin One is a jolting blend with a medley of berries, vanilla, spearmint, black licorice, and a hint of jasmine incense. The grapes for this particular blend are picked in September and October. After the grapes are fermented, they are aged in French oak and American oak for twenty-two months. The grapes are aged alone in oak for the first ten months. The blending components are later united with the grapes in the barrels and are aged together for the final twelve months.



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Cass Wines is a must try for all lovers of wine. With an alluring assortment of rosé, white, and red wines, there is something for everyone. For more information, please visit