Tutor App brings Services to the Student


“School’s out for summer” is no longer ringing joyfully in the minds of students. As we near mid-August, students across the nation are rushing to prepare themselves for the upcoming academic year. Those who are worried about forgetting everything over the summer: fret no more! Tutor App has launched and is here to help. Tutor App is a brand new web application that provides students with a space to search for verified tutors based on availability, price range, and location. It is the only web-based tutoring application that allows students to see when verified tutors are online and able to assist. It is a simple concept: a student can search a subject, message a tutor, confirm a meeting online or in-person, and tada, neuroplasticity ensues! Users who are concerned about losing storage space on their mobile devices will rest assured knowing that Tutor App is completely mobile optimized for mobile Internet usage and does not require users to download a mobile application.


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Tutor App is bridging the gap between students seeking tutors and the wait it takes to coordinate with tutors or the company that manages them. It also provides a safe space for students to pay tutors, and tutors to get paid by students without the awkwardness of face-to-face finances. Students are charged after their meeting in order to ensure quality, and tutors are paid weekly.

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Tutor App cofounders Eliza Morrison and Andrew Nimmich are making it easier to connect those who wish to share their knowledge with those who are seeking knowledge, and in a way that is both intuitive and efficient. When they started Tutor the People in 2012, they saw a need for a platform that provides students with similar high-quality tutors who can be accessed instantaneously via direct messages. Most things are instantly accessible these days. Shouldn’t high-quality educators be among the list? Enter Tutor App:

  • Tutors who apply are vetted before they are accepted (only 2% of applicants make the cut)
  • Once accepted, tutors set their hourly rate
  • Tutor App takes a commission from tutors for students we bring to tutors; tutors who invite their existing students into the App via a unique referral link do not pay a commission
  • Free for students and tutors to join

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