Midori Melon Liqueur Uncovers Most Commonly Misunderstood Emoji


Midori, The Original Melon Liqueur, is unveiling the results of an interactive online quiz created to educate consumers on how to emoji – and cocktail – responsibly. While many are familiar with the iconic green spirit, most don’t know that Midori, like emoji, originated in Japan and is made from a unique distillation and infusion of Japanese cantaloupe and musk melon. Similarly, both are also often misunderstood, so Midori utilized emoji to take consumers on an exciting cocktail journey to challenge their perceptions of the melon liqueur and understanding of their favorite emoji.



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“We realize that while people are familiar with our vibrant green bottle, many don’t know it’s a true melon liqueur with a rich heritage, unmatched quality and versatility,” said Rita Patel, Vice President of Mixables at Beam Suntory. “We thought it would be fun to create a quiz using a popular form of communication with similar roots and misconceptions to encourage consumers to rethink how they cocktail with Midori!”



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To create the quiz, Midori partnered with Jeremy Burge, an internationally recognized emoji expert and the founder of the world’s first online emoji encyclopedia, Emojipedia, to help identify the most popular, but misunderstood emoji. With 90% of participants mistaking it for anger, the most misunderstood emoji is “look of triumph.” Commonly used to signify frustration, according to Burge, this emoji actually means “victory.”

“Although millions of people use emoji every day, countless numbers misuse even their favorite of these expressive icons,” said Burge. “I founded Emojipedia to share the origin, history, and meaning behind these iconic symbols, so I was thrilled to work with Midori to challenge people’s perceptions and educate them on how to both cocktail and emoji like a pro!”



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In celebration of National Melon Day on August 14th, Midori partnered with nationally recognized mixologists from across the country to craft unique cocktails inspired by their favorite emoji. With twists on classics, like the Hi Ball, and cocktails featuring unique ingredients like cold brew coffee and matcha, each recipe is written in emoji to encourage cocktail beginners and connoisseurs alike to test their emoji knowledge and translate the recipes while learning to craft vibrant Midori cocktails. To view all emoji cocktail recipes, click here (must be 21+).