Paso Robles’ Treana: Wine That Tells a Story


The initial taste of the first drop of wine that splashes onto your tongue speaks volumes. Like an opening statement or the opening scene of a movie, it is an introduction of a story that is yet to unfold. That first sip leaves an impression on the palate. Thereafter, begins the journey of discovering what elements can be found in the wine you just tasted. Sometimes it takes a few sips for the story and the accents of flavor to fully unfold. While attending the Rhone Rangers wine event (an event by the Paso Robles Chapter of the Rhone Rangers organization that is dedicated to educating and promoting Rhone blends), I discovered a wine that not only tasted excellent but also has a story and a background that captured my attention. I was drawn in by the lovely designs on the wine bottles. Two in particular were subtle yet impactful. The way the colors effortlessly blended and swayed across the bottle left a fabulous fusion that made me feel like I got an art show and a wine tasting all in one. It was almost as if I saw a preview of what I was about to taste.


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This exquisite wine is called Treana. The name symbolizes a trio of natural elements that render into wine making: the sun, the soil, and the sea. Created by the Hope family in Paso Robles, they use the natural recourses of the California Central Coast to produce phenomenal wine. After having a taste, I learned that the beautiful artwork on the two bottles that caught my eye were originally actual paintings by the owner and his wife which they painted while in Thailand. The story translated into the artwork which translated to the wine.


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Other wines in their collection include Liberty School- a fruit-driven blend, Candor- sophisticated and packed with flavor, and Troublemaker- a blend with beauty and danger that is as distinct as the rebellious side in us all. The outcome of Treana is rich of an amazing array of blends with artwork on the bottles that are just as full of life as the taste of the wine itself. Like any good story, it leaves you wanting more.

For more information, please visit Treana Wines.