RELLECIGA is the only Swimwear Brand Invited to Thailand’s Hottest Fashion Show


This summer leading swimwear developer RELLECIGA bikini were the only bikini brand invited to top Thai fashion event Zen Body Sense. Held in Bangkok on 22nd July, RELLECIGA’s catwalk show was the highlight of the event, and their unique spot on the program has been attributed to the brand’s fashionable French style and innovative techniques that ensure both comfort and beauty. RELLECIGA’s designers see a bikini as a fashion statement as well as an item of swimwear, and the Paris-based RELLECIGA design institute (RIDI) is known for its uniquely sophisticated yet original approach, as well as for its ability to bring out the unique sexiness in every woman.



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RELLECIGA’s lead designer Joanne said: “at RIDI a major part of our job is to make sure we are in touch with the fashion world, and that our designs are both inspired from and help inspire fashion trends. That’s what sets us apart from other bikini brands, and is one of the main reasons we were the only bikini company to be invited to showcase our products at Zen Body Sense.”

Another key factor behind RELLECIGA’s invite is their decision to base the catwalk on the luxury Marianne Collection: this best-selling collection is known for its handmade silver crochet and shimmering rhinestones, and is perfectly in keeping with the indulgent, lavish atmosphere of Thailand’s hottest fashion event.



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Finally, fashion insiders also attribute RELLECIGA’s place at Zen Body Sense to their innovative, professional approach to design that means that their products are not only fashionable and sensual, but also long-lasting, comfortable, and practical. The brand’s best known innovation is the iconic RIKINI — the first multi-way bikini that can be worn six different ways — but the company also deserves credit for creating the “scrunch bottom”, a bikini bottom design that helps drain water when coming out of the sea. The shirring on the highly elastic premium fabric ensures fast drainage of water and clings perfectly to female contours, ensuring comfort and sexiness.