Was Princess Diana’s Death An Accident? Fictional Book Explores Another Possibility


TransMedia Group to publicize “Death of the Queen of Hearts,” a blistering page-turner that draws a royal curtain to let in a new theory that Princess Diana’s death in Paris 1997 was “no accident” as her son Prince William reportedly once suspected. “Prince William reportedly once made a vow at his beloved mother’s graveside and now this captivating book creatively unravels a diabolical plot describing what could have happened to a ‘mum’ like his,” said Tom Madden, CEO of TransMedia and an author himself (“King of the Condo” and “Spin Man”).



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“Our publicity will cover how this work of fiction about a royal plot to murder a princess who was about to marry a Muslim so eerily echoes the strange circumstances surrounding the death of Princess Diana that you can’t put it down,” he said. On August 31 will be the 19th anniversary of the death of Princess Diana. According to published reports, William has never been able to shake off his suspicions about what really happened that terrible night in Paris and was convinced Diana and her lover, Dodi al Fayed, were murdered.



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“This captivating book of fiction available on Amazon tells a compelling story about a royal plot to murder a princess and her son’s determined efforts to bring royal culprits to justice while risking himself being murdered in the process,” said Tim Allen, Vice President of Public Relations at TransMedia and a Royalist himself who joined the PR firm after serving in the Royal Navy. Diana and Dodi died when their Mercedes smashed into a tunnel wall at high speed. The official French inquiry blamed the tragedy on her drunk chauffeur, Henri Paul. But over the years some still are convinced the truth is more sinister.


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There were theories that his mother could have been assassinated because reports said she was planning to marry Dodi, a Muslim. Could this have outraged shadowy figures within the British establishment? “Death of the Queen of Hearts” portrays characters and events that mirror those during the time when Princess Diana died in the car crash and the ensuing investigations, only the book reaches a totally different and dark conclusion.