Tony Bennett Celebrates His 90th Birthday Live on Facebook


Nineteen-time Grammy winner, legendary entertainer and New York City native Tony Bennett celebrates his 90th birthday today.  The Empire State Building will present a dynamic, choreographed music-to-light show at 8:45 pm to honor Bennett’s musical legacy. His star-studded birthday festivities will be held at Rainbow Room and will be highlighted by Lady Gaga “flipping the switch” to light up the Empire State as well as a performance for invited guests.   Fans around the world are invited inside the private birthday party for cake and presents, including a very special gift from Lady Gaga. Following the live performance, fans around the world can watch the official video of the entire light show on the Empire State Building’s YouTube page by accessing the following link:




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Starbucks will be playing Tony’s music in all their retail chains throughout the day as well as special birthday wishes from celebrated friends. In addition to the lighting event, the Empire State Building will be displaying Bennett’s original artwork in their Fifth Avenue Lobby exhibition space from today through September 6th.


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Bennett’s birthday honors continue throughout the year with several projects commemorating the milestone in place including an NBC prime-time television special, a new book as well as recorded music and video releases.  NBC just announced a December 20th airdate for TONY BENNETT CELEBRATES 90: THE BEST IS YET TO COME, which will be a two-hour special airing at 9 pm ET/PT.  The special will be taped at Radio City Music Hall on September 15th and select audience seats will be available for purchase for the taping event.   Tickets can be ordered onAugust 4th starting at 10 am at





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In conjunction with the NBC special, Columbia Records will release a CD featuring the musical performances the event comprised of new solo, duet and medley performances by Tony and the superstar guests on December 16th. Additionally, Columbia Records will release a deluxe box package set on the same date as a physical release only.  This collector’s edition box set includes two audio discs of over 30 never before released and rare recordings – both live and in studio – a DVD of newly released historical footage and performances, the CD inspired by the television special and a beautifully designed book that will feature photos and essays from President Bill Clinton, Harry Belafonte, Martin Scorcese, Johnny Mandel and others.