Introducing Pulleez: Where Glamour Meets Functionality


With its beautiful and functional design, Pulleez is the must-have accessory for women to have on the market. The sliding ponytail’s patented design securely holds hair in place and is released by simply pressing on its toggle. Glamorizing the popular ponytail look by incorporating elegant charms such as boots, fish and Buddha’s, the brands products are available in crystal, metal and acrylic. Pulleez is gentle on the hair, which means no more worrying about wrapping or ripping hair- all there is to do is squeeze and a flawless ponytail is seconds away.



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Created by fashion show producer, Diana Wright, out of necessity backstage and on the runway, the Pulleez prototype samples quickly and gently held models hair up and eliminated the damage that are often occurred by twisting a traditional elastic band. Within months Pulleez were being sold at Henri Bendel’s flagship store on New York’s Fifth Avenue, and was celebrated for glamorizing the traditional ponytail. Today, they are the top-selling hair accessory on QVC, where Wright sold out in less than 5 minutes during her first appearance.


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“I was amazed at the reaction the small accessories attracted,” states Founder of Pulleez, Diana Wright. “When models and designers asked me if they could keep their Pulleez and wanted to purchase some for their friends, I knew I had something innovative to share to the world. It was shocking to find that no hair accessory on the market did what Pulleez did, that’s when I decided it needed to hit the market for its functional yet beautiful design.”



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Now selling online, the brand includes many unique designs for every women’s style and is continuing to grow with the addition of its new product line, Sporteez. In addition to being both gorgeous and useful, Pulleez doubles as a bracelet when not in the hair. Retailing between $10.00 to $20.00, these accessories are available for purchase at Pulleez.