American Well, Academic HealthPlans Team Up for Students Virtual Doctor Visits


American Well, a national telehealth technology and services company, and operator of Amwel, the #1 most downloaded app for video doctor visits in 2014 and 2015, today announced it has partnered with Academic HealthPlan, a leading student health insurance provider, to make virtual, on-demand doctor visits available to students at more than 100 colleges and universities throughout the United States.


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“For many students, heading off to school means leaving home and their healthcare team behind. Through our technology, we’re able to connect students with medical and behavioral care providers in a way that fits into their busy lives – keeping them healthy and happy,” said Danielle Russella, President, Client Solutions, American Well. “AHP is one of the most respected administrators of student health insurance plans in the country and we are thrilled to make virtual doctor visits available to their customers so that students have easy, affordable access to great care while away at school.Americanwell-virtualdoctor-studentsSponsored: Feel good and have your pasta with Tru Roots Organic #organic #healthyeating #foodie 


Students who are covered by AHP health insurance plans now have access to and 24/7/365 access to medical care providers for urgent issues such as colds, rashes, infections, or other non-emergent care needs, as well as psychologists. Psychologists are available on-demand and by appointment for help with a range of behavioral health issues that students may face such as life transitions, anxiety, depression, or managing relationships.


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AHP is always looking for new tools and services that can be easily integrated into students’ lives and help improve their overall health and well-being. AHP engaged with the top national telehealth company to make virtual visits available to their customers and align perfectly with their aim to provide an engaging consumer service at the same time that the healthcare industry is, increasingly, moving online.


Amwell continues to be the top mobile app for online doctor visits by providing:

  • A convenient, integrated service: Students can download Amwell at no cost, for a live, face-to-face consultation with a U.S. board-certified physician. Providers have access to student health insurance information, medical images and preferred pharmacy for immediate prescribing if needed.
  • Immediate access to care: Amwell offers immediate access to available doctors online – and average wait time for an online visit is less than 10 minutes.
  • Provider choice: Consumers can see which doctors are available and choose an available doctor based on their profile information – which includes their photo, name, and area of specialization (such as women’s health or children’s health).
  • Video-based visits: Unlike telephone-based telehealth services, consumers using Amwell can participate in a two-way video visit with a doctor that is conducive to evaluating more complex cases that require some physical or behavioral evaluation.
  • Secure, private consults: Amwell is compliant with regulatory requirements including HIPAA that govern the secure transmission of patient health information online.
  • Joint appointments: Students may want to include a parent or other family member in an appointment. Through the power of American Well’s Multiway Video solution, students have the ability to invite a second participant into a live, video visit.

For more information on how American Well partners with industry leaders like AHP to make virtual visits available to consumers.