More Than 46 Million American Women Affected By Hair Loss (Part 2)


This article is continued from Women Hair Losss part 1.

As many women suffer from hair loss, it is important to take a look at some of the habits that do not help the condition. From styling to health, many factors are involved with the onset and rapidness of hair loss. Altering these habits below may help:hairloss-women

Damaging Styling Practices

  •  Having color treated or highlighted their hair (47%), have had chemical treatments such as perms or relaxers (15%) or have had weaves, tight braids or hair extensions (6%).The survey also identified the following important facts about hair loss that every woman should know. Key takeaways include:

Don’t Stress (seriously).

  • Survey data indicates there is a clear connection between stress and hair loss.  Women who have been more stressed than usual lately are 32% more likely to experience signs of hair loss than those who have not.


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Below are many of the ways hair and hair loss are perceived. Hair is also very important to many women and impacts how they feel about themselves.

Unflattering Perceptions.

  • Of women experiencing hair loss or thinning, 97% would choose to either make their hair healthier, thicker, fuller, shinier or longer if they could. This may be because more than 3 out of every 5 women experiencing signs of hair loss would agree that women with thinning hair look older. Over 99% of women experiencing signs of hair loss feel more confident when their hair looks great.
  • Thinning hair can send the wrong message to others. In fact, 81% of women feel that thinning hair affects a woman’s appearance in a negative way. 55% feel it makes a woman look older, 43% less healthy and 32% less confident.

Head in the Sand.

  • Thinning hair or hair loss aren’t topics many women like to talk about. In fact, 80% of women experiencing hair loss don’t talk to their doctor or dermatologist about it, and 66% don’t talk to their hairstylist.

Desire for Change.

  • Women say the way their hair looks does impact how they feel. In fact, nearly all (98%) feel more confident when their hair looks great. But most (86%) also wish there was something they could change about their hair. This includes: making it healthier (43%), having it be thicker and fuller (43%), making it shinier (30%) and having it grow longer (25%).



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Longing for Better Locks.

  • Women are willing to trade a lot to improve their hair. Survey results prove that 92% of women who are experiencing signs of hair loss and thinning would give up some luxury for a month in return for more beautiful hair. This includes going out to eat, chocolate, shopping, coffee and sex.
    • Women are 75% more likely to give up sex for a month in exchange for better hair if they are experiencing signs of hair loss and thinning compared to those who are not experiencing any signs of hair loss. Half of women under the age of 65 who are experiencing hair loss or thinning would give up going out to eat for a month in exchange for more beautiful hair.

Hair Dresser.

  • There are many reasons why women are willing to give up so much for better-looking hair, and one is that it would make wardrobe decisions a little easier. 67% of women feel that if your hair looks great, it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing.

Taboo Territory?

  • When a friend is having a bad hair day, it’s hard to know what to do. 65% of women agree that they’d never tell her. But on the other hand, more than 1 in 3 (35%) would let their friend know.


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“Healthy, beautiful hair can boost a woman’s self-confidence, that’s why hair loss or thinning can be such an emotional blow,” said international hair artist, Franco Della Grazia. “It’s an issue that is not commonly talked about, that in actuality, many women face. I urge my clients to use Keranique because the products treat AND prevent hair loss—they give women an actual solution to their problem.”

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