More Than 46 Million American Women Affected By Hair Loss (Part 1)


Today, Keranique, the Women’s Hair Growth Experts, marks the beginning of National Hair Loss Awareness month with the release of a new consumer survey that sheds light on a concern that affects over 46 million adult women in the United States.  This number indicates hair loss in women has increased by over 50% in the last 10 years from the previously reported number of 30 million women suffering from the condition.



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Having empowered hundreds of thousands of women across the country to regain control of their hair loss since 2009, Keranique partnered with a well-known research firm, Wakefield Research, to get answers from women on this growing issue and to raise awareness about women’s hair loss. The survey findings prove hair loss issues affect more women than one might think.

According to the survey:Nearly 40% of U.S. women 18+ have noticed signs of hair loss or thinning

  • Over 50% of US women 58 or older have experienced it
  • That number jumps to over 60%  for women age 65+
  • These signs include: a widening part, hair being thinner than it used to be, significant signs of overall hair loss, and seeing through to the scalp where they couldn’t before especially in the temples or at the crown of the head.



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Who is at risk?
  Research indicates women in one or more of these 3 categories are more susceptible to hair loss and thinning

  • Women are 97% more likely (almost twice as likely) to experience signs of hair loss if they have a relative with hair loss compared to those who don’t, and 61% of women who have relatives with hair loss are experiencing symptoms of hair loss.
  • Women who have had chemical treatments are 71% more likely to experience hair loss than those who have not, and over half (58%) of women who have had chemical treatments are experiencing signs of hair loss.
  • Women who have been ill or taking medicine are 81% more likely to suffer from hair loss and thinning than those who have not, and over half (58%) of women who have been ill or taking medicine are experiencing signs of hair loss.


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And many could be at risk for future issues. 62% of women have noticed changes to their hair just in the past year.

  • These include: their hair not being as thick and full as it used to be (28%), their hair never looking the way they want it to (27%), their hair breaking off more easily than it used to (21%) and more hair coming off in or on their brush, drain, clothing or pillow (20%).

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