Coco Rocha, Randeep Hooda; Your Favorite Stars celebrate their Favorite Scotch Whisky


Scotch is a drink embraced and enjoyed wherever, whenever. It is the world’s favorite whisky, and we bet you didn’t know that it’s the only drink that offers a diverse range of tastes, textures and flavours. Whether neat, on the rocks or in a cocktail, there is no right or wrong way to drink Scotch whisky. As long as you enjoy it (responsibly, of course!) that’s all that matters. It is also the ideal gift for men. If you are confused what to gift your man, don’t hesitate anymore and get him a bottle of Scotch Whisky!





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Scotch whisky is found in the hands of arbiters of style around the world, and India is no different. On the occasion of World Whisky Day on 21st May, USL-Diageo, India’s leading premium drinks Company introduced Bangalore to its biggest global campaign #LoveScotch. Indulging the audience with their favorite Scotch whisky stories were Canadian Super Model and Global #LoveScotch Ambassador Coco Rocha, actors Randeep HoodaMandira BediDino Morea, alongside Businessman Rajiv Mehta and Whisky Connoisseur Magandeep Singh.

Always wondered how our Indian style icons enjoy their drink? Or who’s that special person they share a dram with? We got the stars to spill the beans!



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Dino Morea enjoys chilling with his friends and sipping on Black&White on the rocks, Magandeep Singh enjoys his Johnnie Walker Black Label with water and Coco Rocha’s favourite mix is Johnnie Walker Red Label with ginger ale! Apparently if you spot her on a night out you will always see her nursing this drink. Mandira Bedi loves to have the single malt Singleton neat and especially with her father, Randeep Hooda enjoys his Black Dog on the rocks or sometimes even as a cocktail. He loves unwinding with his dad and sister over a drink. Rajiv Mehta always celebrates occasions with Johnnie Walker Double Black on the rocks as he enjoys the intense and smokey flavour. Watch the video for more!


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Now that you know who you share your taste in whisky with, it’s time to up that Scotch IQ or become an amateur Scotch whisky connoisseur. Here’s some trivia that will help you get to know your favorite tipple a little better.

  1. Ignore the “Scotch snobs” and drink it however you like. Have it on the rocks, neat, with soda or as a cocktail. It’s all about what you enjoy!
  2. The first record of distilling in Scotland dates back over 500 years and shows Scotch being distilled by monks. Perhaps taking a vow of silence does lead to great creativity!
  3. The first few steps of making Scotch whisky are very similar to making beer. Chances are if you like beer you’ll love Scotch.
  4. They say that “Today’s rain is tomorrow’s whisky”, which maybe explains why there’s so much Scotch in Scotland. After all, the term ‘whisky’ derives originally from the Gaelic ‘uisge beatha’, or ‘usquebaugh’, meaning ‘water of life’.
  5. The Phylloxera beetle had destroyed the French vineyards by 1880. This meant the demand for Scotch rose globally. Rumours of Scotsmen roaming France with jars of beetles in the 1870s were never proven. (We’re joking of course).
  6. Whisky made in Scotland is referred to as Scotch whisky and is spelt without an “e”.
  7. Most importantly always drink responsibly