Veryones, The New Social Thing, Announces Launch


Veryones announced today that it plans to launch on August 1, 2016. The Mobile-only app will be available to download at and will initially be available exclusively for iPhone.

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Literally 10 thousand geeks have found dates using this one idea.  Maybe it’s your turn 😉


The startup, which raised $3 million in a seed-funding round completed in February 2015, was founded by Omar Azmy, whose first tech startup is one of the handful Apple ever seed-funded.

Veryones is a curated, close knit community of people who are committed to the very best in life. Membership is free but strictly by reference from an existing member with each member entitled to handpick and refer a maximum of two others.



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The platform is based on a simple truth: Relationships drive everything in life. “The chance to lead the lives we desire depends largely on our social relationships,” Omar commented. “Yet our social connections are almost always the result of things that are out of our hands. We’re out to change this.”