Lionsgate, Pioneering VR Company SilVR Thread Partner to Launch Intense First-Person VR Experience


How daring are you?! As fans line up for Lionsgate’s newest suspense thriller, NERVE, they can also feel what it’s like to embody and step into the shoes of its characters from a first-person, full 360 stereoscopic view in the ankle-shaking virtual reality (VR) experience from three of the movie’s top “dares”. The experiences, shot with SilVR Thread’s proprietary cameras and produced on their platform, can be downloaded this weekend to your smartphone from the Oculus store, Android Marketplace and Apple store, for use on Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard.

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The “NERVE – Do You Dare” app is an example of how innovative film studio, Lionsgate, is embracing this first-in-the-world technology, and putting people right in the movie via VR, where the player can look down to their body as one of the NERVE stars, and see how it feels to pull off a ‘dare’ straight from the film.  The experience was created via a mix of live-action VR capture and computer generated imagery, and offers the closest thing possible to actually being in the NERVE film.Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 1.49.41 AM


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“Our goal was to immerse fans directly into the thrilling action of NERVE’s insane ‘dare’ sequences, letting them experience these scenes from the same perspective as the characters on screen,” said David Edwards, VP of Digital Marketing at Lionsgate. “A first-person VR experience was the ideal format.”

The exclusive content was captured live on set with stunt actors during the films’ main production, and includes the insanely real dare of crossing a ladder between two buildings dozens of floors above New York city streets, or surviving a high-speed skateboard ride hitched to a police car.  You can dare your friends to see who’s brave enough to complete the experiences. The first-person perspective of being in the full body of the actual film characters means that keeping your balance feels as real as the dares themselves.


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In the film and in VR you are either a “PLAYER” working to complete the dares, or a “WATCHER” to see what other Players from around the world have already dared to do.  Early demos of the app were given at the NERVE film premiere in NYC and at the popular YouTube influencer convention VidCon in Anaheim, where screams of joy and sounds of amazement were the immediate reactions every time.

“Every kid grows up wishing they could be the actor or stunt person in a movie like NERVE,” says Tai Crosby, Founder, SilVR Thread. “With the first-person point-of-view NERVE VR app, we are powerfully transporting people directly into the movie scene as their favorite actor. The adrenaline is immense.”