There is No Cure for Alzheimer’s. Prevent it Through Ballroom Dance


Alzheimers Disease is one of the most difficult diseases to cope with, given there is no cure. Today, one of every three seniors dies with some form of dementia including Alzheimer’s. While scientists have no cure in sight, they have found that regular ballroom dancers lower their risk of these diseases by 76%. In light of this remarkable finding, Kin Wong founded Ballroom Dance for Senior Fitness that uses research-based books and films along with community dance events to promote dementia prevention through ballroom dance.




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A dancer himself, Kin believes that “music, human touch, and body movement are essential for cognitive health. The multi-task coordination and split-second decision of ballroom dance are the key to unlocking these health benefits.” So why don’t we have more seniors dancing? “Many people assume that ballroom dance is simply a luxury, but we’re here to grow awareness that it is vital, and to grow participation along with local dance groups and government,” explained Kin. Dementia is a seriously debilitating disease that can affect multiple generations. “We help prevent dementia through ballroom dance, bringing together individuals of all ages, families, and communities to increase public awareness that ballroom dance is a necessity for health.”


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This is the first year of the awareness gala series in which Ballroom Dance for Senior Fitness in partnership with city representatives will sponsor a celebration event in Napa, Yountville, Oakland, and San Francisco. This series introduces dance as a fun and social necessity for cognitive health and aims to build support for a public health movement based on ballroom dance.


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2016 Ballroom Dance for Senior Fitness Gala Series

Napa, CA: July 12th, 7pm, Napa Senior Center

 Yountville, CA: July 28th, 7pm, Lincoln Theatre Napa Valley

 Oakland, CA: August 12th, 7pm, Veterans Memorial Building

 San Francisco, CA: September 27th, 7pm, Greenroom at War Memorial Building

Ballroom Dance for Senior Fitness aims to engage not only senior citizens, but entire families and communities in support of those at risk for dementia. All proceeds from the gala series as well as sales of Kin Wong’s book The Dance to Remember (to be released September 2016) are dedicated to growing the ballroom dance community nationwide.

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