RELLECIGA Bikini Hits Thailand’s Hottest Fashion Show


Leading swimwear brand RELLECIGA will this week demonstrate its place as a leading luxury swimwear brand not only in Europe and the US, but in Asia too, with its incredible runway show at Thailand’s Zen Body Sense 2016 event. RELLECIGA’s show centers on the luxury Marianne Collection, which features on-trend bright colors and shimmering crystal embellishment.



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Run by Central Group, Zen Body Sense 2016 is one of Thailand’s hottest fashion events, and is held in Bangkok, the country’s capital, every year. The underwear and swimwear show is particularly renowned, with celebrities, stylists, and journalists travelling from all over the world to see top brands reveal their newest collections.

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The theme of this year’s Zen Body Sense is “Awaken Your Senses”, and the event is set to be both a visual and aural feast. In addition to fashion, the show also features dancers and entertainment by well-known artists.


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RELLECIGA is the only swimwear brand invited to platform on the catwalk this year, reflecting the company’s emphasis on fashion as well as quality. RELLECIGA’s designers pay close attention not only to swimwear trends but also to the wider fashion world, making their designs uniquely on-trend, and perfect for women who want a bikini that is stylish as well as sexy.


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This year, RELLECIGA’s show will focus on the high-end, super sensual Marianne collection. Known for its handmade 3D floral details, shimmering rhinestones, and exquisite craftsmanship, the Marianne collection embodies RELLECIGA’s triple emphasis on fashion, sexiness, and quality.

RELLECIGA’s PR manager Michaela said: “Thailand famous for its beautiful beaches and stunning women, and that makes it the ideal choice for showcasing our designs in Asia. We’re so pleased to be at Zen Body Sense this year, and already looking forward to next year!

Zen Body Sense 2016 will be held on 22 July, in the Zen Event Gallery, Bangkok.