Inspired by the Magic of Lights — MUJOSH Launched the Lab Project Second Season in Shanghai


Inspired by the magic of lights and the brand’s INJECTION Campaign, MUJOSH, the Hong Kong registered eyewear brand, launched its signature pop up store — the Lab Project Second Season — at Jiu-Guang Department Store, next to the famous Jing’an Temple in the flourishing downtown of Shanghai on July 7th.



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In cooperation with Luk Studio, a boutique design practice based in Shanghai, this 18-day pop up store is built with ecological materials and has been divided into 3 areas — display area, lounge and experience area. Apart from showcasing the MUJOSH’s latest products and bestsellers, visitors can enjoy a magical light experience in a dedicated area which is formed by colourful refraction within a glowing prism.


“Last year we launched the Lab Project for the first time and received very good feedback. This year we brought the Lab Project Second Season back to Shanghai again,” said Joyce Song, Marketing Manager of MUJOSH. “This beautiful space does not only belonging to MUJOSH, it belongs to everyone who visited here, it’s part of this beautiful modern city.”

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Founded in 2010 by a group of young creative rule-breakers who believe glasses are not only tools to improve eyesight, but also fashion accessories to differentiate wearers and make them stand out from the crowd, MUJOSH is deeply loved by fashion icons and wearers.