Caldera Cuveé Organic Volcanic wine Pours at 3rd Annual Garagiste Festival


Caldera-Cuvee-wineThey say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Well in this case, a glass or two of this wine will have you feeling devine! I discovered the wine of Caldera Cuveé at the 3rd Annual Garagiste Festival: Urban Exposure at the lovely Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles. One sip of it and I was immediately captivated by the genuine taste. Located in Paso Robles, right in the center of the Central Coast of California, this winery is naturally unique.


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Caldera is the collapsed cone of a volcano and cuveé is the French word for a “blend” of wine. The vineyard sits on the site of what was once a volcano twenty-five million years ago… hence the name Caldera Cuveé. The wine is incredibly pure and comes from the most natural resources. It is unfiltered and free of additives. They have their own-rooted, non-GMO gravevines with accents of the volcanic, calcium montmorillonite, and limestone oils of the Big Sur Mountain vineyards. The soils are full of exceptional nutrients that optimize the quality of the finished product. The natural nutrients in the soil provide grapes full of flavor.

The process of which the wine is made is rare and old-fashioned resulting in organic wine. They do not use any laboratories or machines. In fact, this vineyard is so nutrient-focused with substantial viticulture that it has been extensively studied by viticulture scientists and by multiple universities. Finally, the wine is aged in neutral French oak barrels. Since the barrels are neutral, the taste of the wood does not overpower the wine. Nothing is added and nothing is stripped throughout their process from beginning to end leaving your palate with a pleasant impression that you will not forget.


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Caldera Cuveé wines are truly one of a kind and irresistible. A combination of purity and exceptional quality produces a distinguished taste. It is fresh, organic, and authentic. I highly recommend this wine for those with an appreciation for elite and distinctive taste as well as to those seeking a tasty adventure to broaden their horizon. With a taste like no other, it will leave you wanting more.

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