Purina Farms Opens “Better with Pets,” an Interactive and Inspirational Exhibit


Why is life bettpurina-pet-exhibiter when shared with a pet? Purina invites pet lovers to find out through a new exhibit, titled “Better with Pets” – Discover Life with Dogs and Cats, now open at the Purina Farms Visitor Center (PurinaFarms.com) in Gray Summit, Missouri.

A family-friendly attraction designed specifically for pet lovers, Purina Farms brings pets and people closer together for life-enriching experiences. The “Better with Pets” exhibit, which covers a myriad of pet-related topics from nutrition and innovation to well-being and companionship, brings this mission to life and allows guests to discover more about their favorite companions, while highlighting the many benefits to having a pet.

“At Purina we know that pets make life better because we are pet owners ourselves,” says Brock Fitzgerald, Director, Purina Farms. “Pets inspire us to live life to the fullest, they encourage health and well-being, they assist us in our daily lives and they teach us about some of life’s most important lessons.”

The exhibit, divided into four interactive and educational experiences for all ages, helps foster a greater appreciation for pets, promotes proper pet care and inspires everyone to join Purina in building better pet communities. At the same time, “Better with Pets” gives guests a glimpse into Purina’s world – one built on a passion for nutrition, innovation, shaping the future of petcare and supporting pet welfare efforts.

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“At Purina, every day we commit our hearts and expertise to making a big difference in the lives of pets and people,” says Daniel Henke-Cilenti, Marketing Director, Purina Brand. “Purina Farms, and especially ‘Better with Pets,’ brings this dedication to life. Our hope is that a visit to Purina Farms inspires guests to strengthen some of the most important relationships in their lives – those between parents and children, and pets and people. We want guests to get active with pets, whether it’s being more involved with their own pets at home or advocating for the dogs and cats in shelters.”

Through the exhibit guests can:

  • Find out which breed of dog or cat they are most like and have their image morphed with the image of the breed into a keepsake photo to share with friends and family.
  • Learn how temperature and heart rate provide clues to a pet’s emotional state. Guests will also check their own vitals by placing their hands on thermal film, to gauge areas of varying body heat, and on a heart rate monitor, where a heart on the screen starts to beat based on the measured rate.
  • Discover the elements of a balanced diet for cats and dogs by matching nutrient discs displaying carbs, fats, protein, vitamins and minerals to the body system they support.
  • Learn how assistance animals and service dogs play a vital role in the life of someone faced with physical or emotional difficulties and how pets can help them establish independence.

Purina Farms celebrated the grand opening of “Better with Pets” July 14 alongside Purina experts; special canine and feline guests, and Tony La Russa from Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF). Purina has long supported ARF in their mission of connecting pets and people, demonstrated through an exhibit area dedicated to companionship and well-being.

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purina-pet-exhibitThe opening of “Better with Pets” also helped mark the 30th anniversary of the Purina Farms Visitor Center, which opened on June 24, 1986. Over the past three decades, millions of families have visited to spend quality time together in the company of a variety of animals. The pet-centric attraction, operated at no cost to guests, is an enduring symbol of Nestlé Purina’s commitment to the vibrant and active communities of pet lovers and enthusiasts everywhere.

In honor of the 30th anniversary, guests will have a chance to join Purina in supporting the pet community. Guests who visit Better with Pets between July 14 – August 12 will help efforts to feed homeless pets at two local shelters. More information about charitable initiatives is available at the exhibit. Also, find out more about how to help build better pet communities all season long.

The free “Better with Pets” exhibit sits inside the Visitor Center at Purina Farms, located at 200 Checkerboard Drive in Gray Summit, Missouri, just 45 minutes west of downtown St. Louis. Purina Farms is open mid-March to mid-November. For more information, call 314-982-3232, Monday through Friday between 9:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.