3 Things to Know When Beginning a Mediation Practice


meditation-tipsIt doesn’t matter what kind of meditation you practice, whether its transcendental meditation or you just focus on breathing in and out.  Choose a form of meditation that works for you and that you can connect with. Meditating is not easy, and developing a daily habit of it can be extremely challenging. But consider the benefits: decreased stress, being more alert and energized throughout the day, better sleep, better mood and improved circulation. Actually these are just a few of the countless ways meditation increases wellbeing. Perhaps one of the most important effect of meditation is the increased awareness of one’s thoughts which allows for better control of one’s emotions and ultimately, one’s life. So if you are ready to get your mediation practice started, here’s 3 things you should know:

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1. There’s more than one way to skin a cat (or meditate!)
There are so many ways to meditate. Some focus on concentrating on the flow of breath, observing breath coming in and out. Some forms use a mantra and focus on the repetition of that mantra. It’s important to find the style that works for you, one isn’t better than the other. You’ll find the process much less frustrating if you pick the style easiest for you. Check out some of these types here

meditation-tips2. Your mind will wander
This is totally natural, our brains were designed to create thought after thought. The last thing you want to do when your mind drifts is to get frustrated. Instead, try to observe your thought from a distance. Just say, “That’s interesting that I am thinking that right now” and go back to focusing on your breath, mantra, etc. It is easier to return back to silence when you are aware of and acknowledge your drifting mind rather than try to force it back or get annoyed. Also, the moments of being in the meditation zone, even just seconds of it, will benefit you. Meditation is not easy, and it’s not perfect, that’s why it’s called a “practice.”

3. Your life will never be the same
Not to be dramatic, but it’s true. You will begin to be much more self aware. Your brain will no longer control you, rather, you will begin to control your brain. This means reflecting on how and why you react to situations, recognizing thought patterns, and holding yourself accountable for negative self talk and thinking. When these aspects of thinking shift, so does life. You will gain a sense of calm without losing any passion. This is just the beginning, get ready for an influx of opportunity and awesomeness!

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