SodaStream Campaigns To Add Cannonballs And Bellyflops To Rio 2016 Olympic Diving Events


sodastream-olympics-rioSodaStream, the world’s No. 1 sparkling water brand and the self-proclaimed “Official Sponsor of Bubbles,” announced today its petition that asks the International Olympic Committee to add “The Bellyflop” and “The Cannonball” to the Rio 2016 diving lineup with what is certainly last minute timing.

SodaStream’s petition seeks the official addition of these dive events—to add underrepresented “bubble-centric” sports to the Games. Ignoring the usual process required for adopting new sports (this year’s new sports include kitesurfing and golf and were announced by the IOC, like, ages ago), SodaStream is proposing The Bellyflop and The Cannonball only days before the Rio 2016 Summer Games begin. According to SodaStream, signatures are needed immediately to make the Olympics “tons more bubbly.”


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“Diving in the Summer Games is super hard. Some of those divers have been training for years. They use these really high diving boards, and yet they make as few bubbles as possible!” marveled an astonished Emma Froelich-Shea, VP of Marketing for SodaStream USA. “At SodaStream, we try to put as many bubbles in the water as we can, and we make bubbles easy for everyone. Why shouldn’t Olympic diving be as easy as turning plain water into sparkling water with SodaStream? Plus, we’ve got a guy in our finance department who could totally take the Gold in Cannonball.”

People who want to support The Cannonball and The Bellyflop should go to the SodaStream petition, where they can make their voices heard while they’re automatically entered to win one of five SodaStream Rio Bubble Bundles in a random drawing. The SodaStream Rio Bubble Bundle includes a SodaStream Source Sparkling Water Maker and Sparkling Drink Mixes in Orange Mango and Berry Mix flavors. The Rio Bubble Bundle has a retail value of $112.99.


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Acknowledging that “our guy in Finance” does not an Olympic team make, SodaStream is holding its own virtual team trials via social media. Hopeful contestants need only upload a photo or video of their best Cannonball and/or Bellyflop to the SodaStreamUSA Facebook page for a chance to win the Gold Medal prize of $2,016 for each category. SodaStream’s expert judges will choose one Gold Medalist in the Cannonball category and one in the Bellyflop category based on “panache, bubbles and splash.” Videos or photos must be posted before midnight Pacific on August 21, 2016, the last day of the 2016 Summer Games.

Like the petition signers, Cannonballers and Bellyfloppers over 18 will also be entered into a drawing to win one of the five SodaStream Rio Bubble Bundles. Entrants who take all three actions—signing the petition and uploading both a Cannonball and a Bellyflop—triple their chances of winning in the random drawing.

“At SodaStream, our job is to put more life into everyone’s water and more water into everyone’s life,” summarized Froelich-Shea. “We’re sure this campaign will help the IOC see the bubbly light. Also, what’s with those tiny towels they give their divers to use? We’ve got these huge beach towels that are way better.”

The SodaStream Rio Bubble Bundle (without the towel, that is) is also available at