Name Bubbles & Miracle Foundation Partner to Provide a Year of Education for Orphans

back-toschool-orphans-namebubbles-miracle, creators of award-winning personalized name labels for kids, officially announces its partnership with the Miracle Foundation, a nonprofit organization with a mission to empower orphans to reach their full potential. This back-to-school season, Name Bubbles will be donating $1 of every school-related product purchase to the Miracle Foundation.


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Through this partnership, Name Bubbles and the Miracle Foundation hope to raise $10,000 – enough to provide funding for a year of education for an entire orphanage in India. While parents start to prepare their children for another successful school year, some youngsters are not as fortunate. Books, school supplies, back packs, a healthy lunch, and a good education (things we tend to take for granted) are not a guarantee worldwide. There are over 153 million orphans in the world, many living in institutional orphanages with deplorable conditions where their most basic needs are not met.  As part of Name Bubbles’ core value to promote a sense of giving, the company will be spreading awareness and raising funds this back-to-school season to support the Miracle Foundation and their good work.

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 12.48.41 AMBeginning today, one dollar of every school-related product on will be donated to the Miracle Foundation in order to cover the cost of educators, afterschool tutors, school supplies, career counselling and any other item an orphanage may need to provide education for an entire school year.

“We’re more than excited to partner with the Miracle Foundation, an organization that really touches your heart,” shares Founder and President of Name Bubbles, Michelle Brandriss. “As a business owner who strongly believes in giving back whenever possible, and after hearing the organization’s mission and story, I knew we had to do our part to help.”


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The Miracle Foundation, a nonprofit organization that brings life-changing care to the world’s orphans, uses a specialized, proven, 3-phase method and the United Nations Rights of the Child to empower orphanages to help local orphans. With a strong focus in India, the Miracle Foundation nurtured and educated more than 1,000 orphans, supported 16 orphanages, and funded numerous college scholarships in 2015 alone. With the help of Name Bubbles customers, we hope to help one more orphanage have access to education in the upcoming year.

We ask our customers to shop consciously this back-to-school season and help Name Bubbles and the Miracle Foundation give the gift of education to those who need it most.