ORS Olive Oil Launches New Empowerment Campaign, Ignites #NoStereotypes


ORS-Olive-Oil-No-stereotypesORS Olive Oil has the world talking about No Stereotypes, its latest campaign designed to empower women and men of color to embrace their unique beauty and honor that of others. Known as a trusted healthy hair advocate, ORS recently launched a colorful and disruptive ad campaign to celebrate the various types, textures and styles of ethnic hair. While the campaign features a variety of its styling and maintenance offerings, the message pushes diverse self-expression that often shines through with hair trends and styles.


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ORS Olive Oil No Stereotypes is a movement that gives voice and emotion to many of the judgments we make about one another, and ultimately challenges us to rethink these hurtful actions. It’s a call to embrace and respect our unique beauty, and the beauty of others,” says Shawn Tollerson, Chief Operating Officer for Namaste Laboratories, the makers of ORS. “We want consumers to share real stories to hit on emotional truths that will ultimately evolve into unapologetic empowerment.”

ORS aims to expose and debunk these hurtful stereotypes once and for all. In addition to the advertising components, No Stereotypes will come to life, through a series of engaging events and rich discussions throughout the year. ORS joined forces with Café Mocha Radio for its Salute Her Tour, and will host a series of candid conversations as part of the No Stereotypes platform. The brand is also teaming up with a host of influencers and thought leaders to express universal truths through storytelling from real experiences that many women and men alike have faced.


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Consumers are encouraged to join and follow the movement via #NoStereotypes on social media. Stay tuned for more from ORS Olive Oil No Stereotypes. Additional details and content can also be seen at www.ORSNoStereotypes.com.