Expect the Unexpected at Nelson De La Nuez’s art Gallery Opening Night in Los Angeles


DeLaNuez-artworkNelson De La Nuez doesn’t mind offending anyone. He would mind, however, if he didn’t cause any emotion at all. He expects to evoke thought, laughter and any other emotion at his opening night artist reception at the Bruce Lurie satellite Gallery location this Saturday evening July 16 from 6-9 pm. The Shock and Awe show will stay up at the gallery through July. “My satire humor series is like a standup comedian but visually. The world takes itself far too seriously today and I want no part of that. If people learned to laugh at one another and the issues a bit more..we’d be in a much better place,” commented De La Nuez.


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He originally began creating the MOHA (Museum of Humor Art) series of art close to 31 years ago…long before any Banksy or Brainwashes existed. His style was fresh and unique on the scene, juxtaposing everything from pop culture and art history with religion, politics and issues of the day. He created new young collectors who flocked to tell their own opinions via the art on their walls. Although De La Nuez became an internationally renowned, highly collected artist for his pop art style known under his known name, the King of Pop Art, thousands of collectors and fans never stopped collecting his original completely unique humor art.

Celebrities and the entertainment world are diehard fans too.  Many buy the art as holiday gifts by the dozens.  His art tells a story, shows an opinion about who the person is that hung it. He receives hand scribbled notes from people thanking him for the gift of looking at the art and making them smile daily, some are bittersweet stories from cancer victims. He even had a blind man hear laughter at his art and ask for a description of what people were laughing at. A woman described in detail the painting “Cereal Killers” and the man burst out with laughter, proving you don’t always need your eyes to view good art.  This collection of his rare humor art paintings has never been shown before in a gallery setting so people have a chance to buy a few rare pieces. He will also be signing books that evening.

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DeLaNuez-artwork-losangelesHis painting topics range from a child coloring the words Xanax + Vodka= Fun, titled “Mommy’s Special Cocktail” to pieces dealing with gay rights, Aunt Jemima serving the last supper, and Batman and Robin tied up by a dominatrix. It’s parody, satire, pop culture at its height, but most of all just trying to tell people it’s ok to laugh, even if it may seem shocking. “People have often said to me that I create in my art what they often think but are afraid to say or laugh at, so I give them that release, the opportunity to say that’s who they really are by hanging it on their wall,” explains the artist.

Nelson De La Nuez has been called a “beautifully demented creative genius,” and although, he usually doesn’t show the MOHA art much anymore since gaining notoriety as a pop artist, it’s believed by his collectors and gallery owners to be a hugely overlooked collection of which he originated the actual style itself which he named Art Juxtaposed so long ago. “If I move people in some way, then I have done my job as an artist,” he confirms. See for yourself July 16th.

The gallery is located at 8040 W 3rd Street, Los Angeles
Opening Night Artist Reception “Shock and Awe,” Food, Drinks and Book Signing