Taste the Chocolate Stache at Garagiste Wine Festival


chocolate-stache-wineWith much gratification, I had the pleasure of attending the 3rd Annual Garagiste Festival: Urban Exposure at the beautiful and historic Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles. With an incredible amount of wines to taste throughout the day, I came across some tasty treats to my delight. I approached a colorful display of assorted chocolates and was greeted with a sample of a sensational spicy dark chocolate that pleasantly awakened my taste buds. The taste left an absolutely impressive impression. What caught my attention, aside from the exquisite chocolate, was the tray full of small mustache temporary tattoos they were giving away. That struck up a conversation and I learned the delicious chocolate I had just tried is made by The Chocolate Stache.

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Known for their cool signature chocolate mustaches, the company was established in 2014 by wine enthusiasts Kellymarie Otto and her husband Nicholas Otto. Together, they have created a fantastic array of custom chocolates to pair with wine and other beverages. Their slogan, “Creative Chocolates At Your Service”, captures the innovation of the company. They provide multiple services that adapt to the unique needs of each customer. Offering customized molds, personalized flavors, and beverage pairing, your imagination and creativity can be used in countless ways to create the perfect, distinct chocolate just for you.

chocolate-stache-winePersonalized flavors: With over one hundred flavor combinations, you can let your imagination run free and come up with an exhilarating flavor.

Custom molds: Their traditional molds are mustaches and rectangles but if allotted proper time, they can order custom molds to fit the theme of your party, wedding, special event, etc…

Beverage pairing: Backed with years of experience, they will create the perfect chocolate to compliment various beverages including wine, beer, and signature cocktails.

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The Chocolate Stache is the perfect way to indulge in taste and creativity. It is a fun way to add a dash of pizzazz to any event. It is something subtle that will add much joy and attraction. With impeccable quality and satisfactory customer service, this is an excellent company that is sure to make you happy and impress your guests. To learn more, please visit thechocolatestache.com.