Female Action Figures by IAmElemental Are Redefining Play


Iamelemental-actionfiguresWhat’s a toy for?  Experts and parents both agree that the best playthings encourage imaginative fun and inspire kids to be curious, explore and learn.  IAmElemental is the creator of the first female superhero action figures designed specifically for children. They lead the charge in this new world of play as its new Series 2/Wisdom figures arrive in stores next month.

“When we started IAmElemental in 2013, we set out to do three things,” said Chief Elemental Officer Julie Kerwin.  “We aimed to take back the superhero myth so that the child, not the toymaker, defines the powers and controls the story.  We focused on creating a strong, healthy, realistic body type, unlike any female action figures on the market.  And, we wanted the highest quality in design and production – because if it’s not fun to play with, what’s the point?”

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The company tested its hypothesis with a 2014 Kickstarter campaign, which was fully funded in two days, drawing backers from all 50 states and six continents.  The Kickstarter funds helped fuel production of IAmElemental’s Series 1/Courage, consisting of seven 4″ articulated action figures modeled on Joan of Arc and representing character traits including Bravery, Honesty, Fear, Enthusiasm, Energy, Industry and Persistence.  

Iamelemental-actionfiguresBuilding on its success, IAmElemental has now produced Series 2/Wisdom, with ancient Alexandrian STEM pioneer Hypatia as the muse.  The Series 2/Wisdom figures include Creativity, Ingenuity, Curiosity, Logic, Exploration, Mastery and Oblivion and are scheduled to ship in August 2016.  All figures are available individually at MSRP $10.99 or as complete sets in a Lunchbox Carry Case at MSRP $69.99, in retail stores worldwide and at www.iamelemental.com.

Said Kerwin, “We started IAmElemental three years ago to change the conversation – about choice in play, about gender in toys, and about the perception of women in the media. We are thrilled to see how so many audiences – parents, grandparents, educators, feminists, boys and collectors – have responded to our figures.  But most gratifying to us are the stories we hear every day from the children themselves – stories where girls save the day in an adventure of their own making.  They are proving our theory that if you give a girl a different toy, she will tell a different story.”

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