Christophe Robin Reveals 3 Steps to Detoxify Hair


detox-hair-treatmentThe health and beauty of hair stems from a healthy and balanced scalp, says the hair detox expert Christophe Robin. 

Leading hair colorist Christophe Robin has launched a purifying shampoo to complement its trio of three hair care products specifically tailored to promote a healthy and balanced scalp. The Christophe Robin line now includes a new shampoo with jujube bark extract, a purifying sea salt scrub, and a sage vinegar finishing lotion.

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“As a colorist, one of my key priorities is to pay attention to the wellbeing of my clients’ scalps which are often suffering from irritation or increased sensitivity due to contact with chemicals,” says Robin. “Every day, I meet men and women suffering from itchy scalps and dandruff.”

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Understanding dandruff

Normally, cells in the scalp renew every 15 days. External factors like stress, hormone imbalance, or inflammation from over-aggressive products can speed up the natural cell-renewing process, causing the dead cells to accumulate, forming dandruff.

The key to fighting dandruff is understanding the two types of dandruff:

  • Dry dandruff – Most common. Appears on normal to dry scalps as part of the cells’ natural process
  • Oily dandruff – Rarer. Stick to the hair follicles. Appear most often on oily hair.

“These issues are hardly glamorous and can be sensitive to discuss, but taking care of them is crucial,” says Robin.


 Bringing the best of science and nature together

When the Christophe Robin purifying sea salt scrub was introduced in 2013, it found immediate success around the world, even winning the Allure Best of Beauty award. The scrub is used as a weekly treatment to detoxify the scalp by loyal clients.

“Seeing the success of the scrub, it seemed obvious to create a shampoo for everyday use that would work in perfect harmony with the scrub, while also having a direct effect on eliminating dandruff,” says Robin.

A crucial ingredient in the Christophe Robin purifying shampoo is jujube bark extract. Obtained from the bark of the South American jujube plant, Ziziphus Joazeiro, the extract is a 100% natural origin alternative to Zinc Pyrithione, a chemical used in common dandruff treatments. To reinforce the action of the jujube bark extract, the Christophe Robin shampoo includes Japanese cherry blossom extracts especially known for its moisturizing and soothing benefits.

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Three products, one mission

Rounding out the suite of Christophe Robin hair detoxifying ritual is the sage vinegar finishing lotion. The final touch leaves hair shiny and soothes the scalp while leaving a delicate scent of freshness.

For the ultimate detox hair ritual, Christophe Robin recommends these steps:

  • Daily: Cleanse and eliminate dandruff with the Christophe Robin Purifying Shampoo With Jujube Bark Extract
  • Once a week: Exfoliate and purify the scalp with the Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub With Sea Salt
  • As needed: Create instant shine and lightness with the Christophe Robin Purifying Hair Finish Lotion With Sage Vinegar

Clinically Proven Results
Rigorous clinical trials on Christophe Robin hair care products found that:

  • 65 % of subjects using the purifying shampoo alone noticed a significant reduction in dandruff after 28 days of use. 80% of subjects using the new purifying shampoo and the sea salt scrub noticed a significant reduction.
  • 85% of subjects noticed an increase in scalp comfort after only 2 weeks.

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