The Princess Project: Donate Your Prom Dress!


prom-promdress-donatepromdressProm is the closest thing most girls get to a fairytale ball, and movies depict it as the night where anything and everything is possible. Prom dresses are one of the things that make it so memorable. I remember my dress fondly: a sleek, one shoulder, backless white and soft lime green beaded dress that fell to floor. I still pride myself on choosing such a unique dress and I remember feeling like it was made just for me. It was the first time I thought I looked like a goddess. I never wore that dress again, but perhaps it had a chance to make someone else feel that way. That’s where The Princess Project comes in.

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The Princess Project provides underprivileged teens with free dresses and accessories for Prom. Many teens cannot afford Prom, which has become a cultural rite of passage for highschoolers. It is an expensive event; even the bare minimum of the ticket, dress, shoes, and accessories can jump to over 1000 dollars easily. Although this day is a huge milestone for youth, many families simply cannot afford it. One recipient of a donated prom dress shared her excitement, “Throughout my life I have only dreamt of 2 days: my wedding and prom. Now thanks to you one of my dreams are coming completely true! I cannot explain enough of my happiness and gratitude!  Thank you!” Every kid deserves to go to their high school Prom, feel confident, and dance with their friends all night. The Princess Project makes this possible by providing free prom dresses and accessories to girls who could not otherwise afford them. Thanks to this organization, these teens can participate in the most anticipated event of their high school careers in style, alongside the rest of their school.

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To learn more about The Princess Project, visit and check out all the ways you can help. Along with donations of dresses and accessories, monetary donations are also accepted. In fact, just 25 dollars can send a teen to Prom through the organization! There are also several other organizations in California and nationwide that provide teens with prom dresses and accessories. Again, the night is over, and you’re probably not going to wear that dress again- why not give it a second chance to spread happiness?