Award winning Lion Ark returns to LA to help Save The Lions


lion-ark-documentaryMulti-award winning Lion Ark, the story of the dramatic rescue of 25 lions from Bolivia, plays at the LA Screen Actors Guild, 5.15pm, on Saturday April 9, to help Animal Defenders International (ADI) airlift 33 ex-circus lions from South America to a sanctuary in their native Africa, next month.

Described by critics as uplifting and “the feel-good movie of the year,” Lion Ark is more action adventure than traditional documentary. It follows an ambitious and daring animal rescue, close up and personal, in the thick of the action as events unfold. Attitudes to animals were changed, illegal circuses tracked down and 25 lions airlifted to freedom.

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A huge hit at the film festivals Lion Ark racked up 11 awards and secured worldwide distribution deal with ITV GE, with DVD planned for the future.

A Q&A after the film from ADI founders Jan Creamer and Tim Phillips will talk about the latest rescue of wild animals from circuses in Peru and Colombia, with a preview of rescue footage from the new operation, Spirit of Freedom.

WHAT:  Lion Ark helping to SAVE THE LIONS
WHEN:   Saturday, April 9, 5.15pm
WHERE:  The Screen Actor’s Guild, 5757 Wilshire Blvd., #PH1, Los Angeles
TICKETS:     $15  Tickets here

The Spirit of Freedom mission has saved over 100 animals including lions, a tiger, bears, monkeys, birds and reptiles.  Animals have been nursed back to health at ADI’s temporary custody center. Native wildlife including monkeys, bears and others are now in their forever homes – specially built Amazon sanctuary habitats.  Some lucky animals have already gone back into the wild and others are scheduled for wild release after rehabilitation.  Following Colombia’s new law, the first nine lions have been handed over and will join the 24 Peru lions to travel to their forever home.

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The Save the Lions screening is to help raise the cost of the flight for 33 lions, who have endured hell on earth in Latin American circuses, to fly home to their native Africa.

The lions will have natural, secure habitats at Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary in South Africa, see

The Spirit of Freedom flight is next month and each lion needs a sponsor for their $10,000 ticket to freedom.