Gamification Opportunities Bring Value to Dedicated Companion TV Apps


gamification-television-appsDedicated companion TV apps have slowly but surely made a name for themselves, with gamification opportunities making them even more compelling and easy to adopt and use for consumers. A new study from the Connected Home UX  group at Strategy Analytics has found that with the increase of consumers engaging in social TV behaviors and the release of such apps on the rise, TV networks have taken the opportunity to not only provide interactive tasks to ensure consumer loyalty and encourage consumption during scheduled broadcasting, but also provide another avenue for advertising brands and importantly, their own show, as consumers share their experiences on social media.

Surveying consumers in the US and UK, Strategy Analytics found that the main appeal of dedicated companion TV apps was having exclusive or relevant information regarding the TV show being watched, available without the hassle of having to search for it. Participants in this study indicated that such apps would be particularly useful for shows where viewers can vote for different talent/contestants. The ability to earn rewards via dedicated companion TV apps as well as earning and winning free products just for watching favorite TV shows was also appealing. However despite their appeal, current usage of dedicated companion apps remains low; consumers are still unaware of such apps and instead, utilize social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook for social TV behaviors related to what they watch on TV.