Local Retailers Celebrate Halloween Until Midnight All October


halloween-costume-shoppingBoston Costume , along with its sister store The Garment District, does not wait until the last minute to get the Halloween party started. As it has done since moving to its Cambridge location in 2006, Boston Costume joins The Garment District in keeping its doors open until midnight all month long.

Says company president Christopher Cassel: “Shoppers really have a great time trying on costumes with their friends and we want to give them every opportunity. The store pretty much turns into a big crazy party for the last week or two.” While Boston Costume specializes in rental costumes such as mascots, superheroes, military and historical figures, The Garment District offers a dizzying array of unusual and unique items.

While online retailers and pop-up stores provide traditional Halloween staples, The Garment District and Boston Costume thrive by providing everything that you would expect as well as the entirely unexpected. In their DIY costume room customers on a tight budget may find anything from wedding dresses to old school baseball uniforms. Cassel continues: “Some shoppers are super creative and we provide options that allow them to express themselves.”

At the same time, those looking for the latest fad can find it here. “We have already sold our share of Donald Trump wigs,” Cassel continues. “The beauty of our stores is that you can get the Trump wig and then decide what era of Trump you want to be. We have a store full of contemporary men’s clothing as well as 70’s, 80’s and 90s. Personally, I’d go as 80’s Trump but everyone’s different.”

The thought of finding a last minute Halloween costume might seem a little daunting, but Cassel exudes confidence. “We have a very experienced staff with an amazingly deep knowledge of costumes. We are happy to offer ideas but most people who walk in here with no idea what they want to be, end up having too many ideas. Often we just help figure out which idea is the standout that will make them the star of the party.”

The Garment District and Boston Costume are two huge stores under one roof with a character and flair that you really must see for yourself. Cassel concludes: “You will definitely find the coolest costume.”