Rare Fancy Color Diamond Rings Unveiled


natural-fancy-color-diamonds-one-and-only-oneA rare 25.71-carat Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond Ring and a rare 1.59-carat Fancy Red Diamond Ring are available by private appointment at selected fine jewelers nationwide. The Natural Fancy Color Diamonds from The One and Only One group are certified by the Gemological Institute of America. Prices are available on request.

The Golden Muse: A Canary Diamond with a Distinguished Provenance
From the Kimberley region of South Africa, the cushion-cut Golden Muse is an extraordinary example of the most sought-after canary diamonds. It was cut from a rough stone weighing 67 carats, resulting in remarkable clarity for its color and size (VVS1).

Set in ring of platinum and 18k gold, and flanked by white diamonds, this important yellow diamond has a distinguished provenance. Until recently, it was housed at the Gemological Institute of America in Carlsbad, California, on loan to the GIA Museum’s exhibit, “The Beauty of Science: Gems & Gemology Celebrates 80 Years.”

The Trilogy Argyle Red Diamond Ring
In the rarefied world of Fancy Color Diamonds, red diamonds are the rarest of them all. Over the 31-year history of Rio Tinto’s Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender, an invitation-only international auction, only 16 Fancy Red diamonds have been offered.

The Trilogy Argyle Red Diamond Ring features three superbly matched Argyle red diamonds, cut by experts to maximize their potential value and strength of color. At 1.32 carats, the radiant-cut center stone is considerably larger than the famous Hancock Red, and it shares the unusual Fancy Purplish Red color for which it is prized. With flanking Fancy Red diamonds totaling 0.27 carats, The Trilogy is a collection capstone for investors and connoisseurs.

Fancy Color Diamonds: The High-Performance Asset Class
According to a November 2014 article from Rapaport’s Diamonds.net: “Fancy Color Diamonds, across pinks [including reds], yellows and blues have increased in value by 167 percent on average since January 2005, outperforming other leading assets in a similar period…for example, the Dow Jones industrial average has increased 58 percent, Standard & Poor’s 500 has increased 63 percent and London house prices have increased 82.1 percent.”

To arrange an appointment to view The One and Only One™ Golden Muse Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond Ring or the Trilogy Argyle Fancy Red Diamond Ring, please visit theoneandonlyone.com