Diageo’s 12th Annual Golden Bar Awards Honors Excellence and Innovation


diageo-12-annual-bar-awards-2015Diageo, a global leader in beverage alcohol, honored spirits, wine and beer distributors at the 12th Annual Golden Bar Awards which took place at a number of awards events and presentation ceremonies in Las Vegas, and across the country.  The Golden Bar Awards are presented for achievements in sales, marketing and promoting responsible drinking.

Tom Looney, President, Open and Control States for Diageo North America said, “The Golden Bars allow Diageo to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of our outstanding distributors, whose efforts help our business to succeed.”

That sentiment was reinforced by Tom Day, President, Diageo-Guinness USA, who said, “We don’t take relationships for granted and we appreciate the level of execution and commitment to our brands that our distributors demonstrate.  Presenting these awards is one way that we show our appreciation.”

The Golden Bar Awards celebrate distributors and brokers for their excellence in the marketplace and the important role they play in their communities.  They recognize distributors for success with important audiences and channels, for consistent performance over the past three years, and for excellent work in key segments, categories and brands including Reserve, Innovation, Tequila, Smirnoff, Johnnie Walker, Baileys, Captain Morgan, Tanqueray, Crown Royal, Ketel One, Ciroc, Sterling Vineyards, Beaulieu Vineyard, Acacia Vineyard, Guinness, Red Stripe and Smirnoff Ice. The grand prizes are awarded to the distributors of the year, for wine, spirits and beer.

Two Platinum Bar Awards are given for advancing responsible drinking, one to an Open States distributor and the other to a Control States distributor.

“Our distributors and brokers can have a big impact on local communities, especially when it comes to promoting responsible drinking and fighting underage drinking,” said Guy Smith, Executive Vice President, Diageo North America.  “By working together, we can make a difference in the communities where we do business.”

In total, 31 Golden Bar statuettes, 28 made of 24 carat gold and three made of platinum, were awarded to distributors. Each statuette weighs eight pounds, stands more than a foot tall, and is produced by R.S. Owens, the company that created the Oscar®, presented by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Below are the categories and winners for the 2015 Golden Bar Awards.


Distributor of the Year – Spirits 

North America Spirits and Wine Broker (NASWB)             

Distributor of the Year – Wine 

Atlantic Wines & Spirits, A Division of Empire Merchants, LLC.  

Distributor of the Year – Beer 

Andrews Distributing Company of Texas


On Premise Excellence Award – Spirits  

NASWB of Oregon

Multicultural Excellence – Spirits 

Glazer’s of Texas

Three Year Consistency – Spirits 

Southern Wine & Spirits of Kentucky

Three Year Consistency -Wine 

Ben Arnold Beverage Company of South Carolina

Three Year Consistency – Beer 

Faust Distributing Company of Texas


Spirits Excellence – Smirnoff 

United Liquors, a Division of Martignetti (MA)   

Spirits Excellence – Johnnie Walker 

Athens Distributing (TN)

Spirits Excellence – Baileys 

Frank Liquor (WI)

Spirits Excellence – Captain Morgan 

NASWB of North Carolina            

Spirits Excellence – Tanqueray 

Southern Wine & Spirits of Hawaii 

Spirits Excellence – Crown Royal 

Glazer’s of Texas

Spirits Excellence – Ketel One 

Glazer’s of Texas

Spirits Excellence – Ciroc 

NASWB of Michigan

Spirits Excellence – Reserve Brands 

Beverage Distributors of Colorado

Spirits Excellence – Tequila 

Beverage Distributors of Colorado


Wines Excellence – Sterling Vineyards 

NASWB of Pennsylvania

Wines Excellence – Beaulieu Vineyard 

Ben Arnold Beverage Company of South Carolina

Wines Excellence – Acacia Vineyard 

Wirtz Beverage of Illinois 


Beer Excellence – Guinness 

United Distributors of Georgia

Beer Excellence – Guinness Blonde 

Classic Distributing and Beverage Group of California

Beer Excellence – Guinness Blonde 

Boening Brothers of New York 

Beer Excellence – Red Stripe 

Monarch Beverage Company of Indiana

Beer Excellence – Smirnoff Ice 

Admiral Beverage Corporation of New Mexico  


Innovation Launch – Spirits 

Southern Wine & Spirits of Florida

Innovation Launch – Wine 

Beverage Distributors of Colorado

Innovation Distributor of the Year – Beer 

Alliance Beverage Distributing Company of Arizona


Advancing Responsible Drinking – Wine & Spirits 

United Distributors of Delaware LLC 

Advancing Responsible Drinking – Wine & Spirits 

NASWB of Ohio

In addition, Diageo-Guinness USA named nine regional award winners for Guinness quality:

  • Alliance Beverage of Phoenix, AZ
  • Columbia Distributing of Everett, WA
  • Andrews Distributing of North Texas
  • Southern Wine & Spirits of South Carolina
  • Champion Brands, FL
  • Banko Beverage, PA
  • L. Knife & Son, MA
  • Lakeshore Beverage of Chicago, IL
  • River City Distributing, KY