Former Zynga Team Launches World’s First Social Movie Discovery App


zynga-social-movie-appLegit Corporation announces the launch of the world’s first social discovery and watchlist app for movies and TV shows. The app empowers users to save movies and shows they want to watch, and the watchlist does the rest: it automatically sorts when friends rate, review or discuss the titles the user is following; it tells the user where and how they can watch a movie or TV show; and soon, it will post notifications when content is available to buy, rent or watch on the user’s preferred services (Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, iTunes, Google Play and more).

With new content and services launching almost monthly, deciding what to watch can be overwhelming — and it’s only getting more cluttered. Often users are forced to rely on star ratings from critics and random reviewers when making a selection. Recommendations from friends are the most reliable indicator of whether someone will enjoy something, but there’s never been a single place for users to discover, discuss and geek out about movies and TV shows with their friends online.

Enter Legit, the must-have app for movie and TV lovers that compiles all of the conversations, ratings and reviews from users and their friends in one place. But unlike existing apps with watchlists, which never change after the user adds to them, Legit’s watchlist continuously updates and sorts based on important factors like friends’ opinions, overall popularity, and in the near future, key events like season premieres and when the content is available to rent, buy or watch. But the most important aspect of Legit is the social element and the focus on ratings and reviews from friends.

“The unreliability and often complete uselessness of ratings is a huge problem,” co-founder and CEO of Legit Corporation Andrew Busey said. “People don’t want to waste their time with comments and star ratings from complete strangers. What’s important are the opinions of the people we know and trust. That’s why we developed Legit.”

The way the app works is simple: The user picks a category (e.g. recent sci-fi movies) and scrolls through titles, swiping to rate in a method reminiscent of Tinder. The user can also tap for more information, including friends’ reviews, or save it to their watchlist. Legit also features other ways for users to discover and discuss content: a news feed displaying friends’ ratings and activity; friends’ profiles, which include information on taste compatibility; and a way to poll friends via the app and Apple Watch.