Etsy Celebrates 10 Years of Community and Connection


etsy-10-year-anniversaryEtsy,  a marketplace where people around the world connect, both online and offline, to make, sell and buy unique goods, is celebrating its tenth anniversary today. Founded in June 2005 in a Brooklyn apartment, Etsy was born out of the simple idea that a marketplace should exist to connect creative entrepreneurs with thoughtful consumers in search of unique goods. Over time, Etsy has come to represent something even more powerful: an alternative to traditional commerce and a different, people-centered model for doing business. More than 1.4 million active sellers and 20.8 million active buyers are participating in the Etsy Economy today.

“A decade after we began this journey, we can truly see the Etsy Economy taking shape around us. Our success story spans not just ten years, but also millions of entrepreneurs and thoughtful customers all over the globe who make up the growing Etsy Economy,” said Chad Dickerson, Etsy CEO and Chairman. “In an age when drones, self-driving cars, and virtual reality headsets are threatening to erase every opportunity to interact with another person, we’re celebrating the personal bonds forged by our community. Etsy is a collaborative endeavor that is nourished by the connections between everyone in our ecosystem.”

Today Etsy launched a special site to share some of the milestones that have gotten us to this point. Visit to explore milestones from Etsy’s first ten years, and the small, but profound, interactions that take place between strangers and friends in our marketplace every single day. Share your favorite Etsy story, memory or connection on social media with #etsy10.

“Etsy has a feeling of doing good for people in your day-to-day business,” said John Golden, designer and artist at johnwgolden (Wilmington, North Carolina). “You get exhausted working, but then you hear something nice from someone who bought something of yours and it’s an uplifting kick in the pants that gives you energy and keeps you going.”

Brandi Harper, maker of natural knitwear at PurlBKnit (Brooklyn, NY) and a Craft Entrepreneurship teacher shared, “Being a Craft Entrepreneurship teacher has given me the opportunity to encourage creative individuals to start a business, find peace of mind with their own two hands and make money doing what they love. Oh, it is so rewarding. It feels good to give back — supporting community and economic development is one of my core values. I believe success is not only about what we receive, but what we are willing to give.”

“I like to think that my excitement for hats rubs off on others, and to connect with other Etsy members who are as passionate about millinery as me makes my day!,” said Michelle Osborne, seller of millinery supplies at Petershams (London, England). “The hat making community is quite small, but selling on Etsy has given me the opportunity to chat with milliners all over the world who are also eager to get in touch with someone who has the same interests. We share tips and tricks of the trade and my customer’s creations are so inspiring!”