Artist Jean-Philippe Boucicaut Unveils New Work in Los Angeles on June 18

Photo credit: Marvin Bang
Photo credit: Marvin Bang

Artist Jean-Philippe Boucicaut‘s June 18 2015; 7-10pm gallery show debuts in Bel Air, CA where he will unveil his program “Elegant Collision”  — a series of abstracts meant to invoke an evolution of mood and quandaries from our daily lives.  RSVP to Dazza Brigitte at:

Preparing for their first West Coast show isn’t an impulsive idea for any artist, but rather an exercise that might include preparation, meditation and inspiration. While meditation wasn’t specifically discussed, this show might be perceived as the artist boldly thrusting his new perspective on life and the world out to be seen by inquiring minds.  “It can’t be a recap of my previous [NY-based] work.  It would be stale,” he explains calmly yet adamant.  Instead the journey starts not quite 18 months ago when he was flown west on assignment.   While working on that project he accidentally stumbled onto the next evolution of his own artistic life.  He reflects with a burst of energy, “I was motivated by the terror of boredom.”

JPB invite copySuddenly he was seeing different visuals and compilations which triggered the most beautiful aha moment.  During a common visit to one of his Los Angeles art projects he noticed that the art material he had been using reacted in a distinct and uncommon way based on nature [tech. details redacted at artist’s request].  Suddenly inspired by this he created more and more originals forcing each piece to react differently to different stimuli.  With that, Boucicaut found himself re-invented — the materials he uses, his process, and ultimately the messages he is sharing.
Over the next many months he considered himself “a traveling roadshow” because while he continued to create work for others his own inspiration kept motivating him and stealing his time — he’d pull over, create his vision, manipulate his work — and then return back on the road to his clients.  Altogether, month after month, creating ten mixed media pieces which are just now ready to be unveiled for public reception.

In years past, Boucicaut’s paintings included portraiture and pop art.  With this new evolution, he’s finding new worlds to explore, including a more sophisticated art pallet and finding meaning exploring such complex themes as transformation, religion, evolution.

On the heels of this show, Jean-Philippe Boucicaut is perceived as being a breath of fresh air for the West Coast as several producers and galleries have eagerly reached out to offer assistance.   As a result, this solo show is set up to be a transcendent experience.  For the space, nestled in the lofty canyons just off Mulholland Drive, this will be its first-time used as an art gallery.

Tastemakers have good reason to visit the art gallery on June 18.  While New York oriented art-lovers are excited to see Jean-Philippe Boucicaut‘s new work, Los Angeles art-lovers are driving up the canyon to discover the talent of this artist who may have just made the City of Angels his new home.

Artist Jean-Philippe Boucicaut’s show Elegant Collision runs June 18 – June 30 2015.  Private showings available RSVP to Dazza Brigitte