Lulu’s LemonAid Warriors Help the World, One Philanthroparty at a Time


lulu-lemonade-warriorLemonAid Warriors are making an impact by changing the way we party. In 5 years, they’ve raised over $80,000 for various causes and provided clean water to almost 3,000 Africans. Their action plans have been downloaded over 165,000 times and inspired hundreds of PhilanthroParties worldwide.

The Warriors are led by Lulu.  When she was 10, she learned that each cup of lemonade she sold for $1 can provide a person in Africa with clean drinking water for one whole year. Inspired by the power of even the smallest donation, she set up a Boys vs Girls LemonAID challenge for her fifth grade class.  They exceeded all expectations by raising $4,000 and had so much fun doing it that her classmates didn’t want to stop. So she founded LemonAID Warriors to share creative action plans and provide PhilanthroParty Planning advice to make social activism a part of her generation’s social life.

lulu-lemonade-warrior-1Five years later, LemonAID Warriors has raised around $80,000 and provided clean water for thousands of people in Africa. Lulu’s PhilanthroParty campaigns have inspired over 4.2 million people to take action with her. She especially loves to mentor other young Warriors to launch their very own charity projects.

Throw a “philanthroparty” to give your event a purpose.  Add a creative twist to any gathering to make giving part of the fun.

Step One: Pick A Cause

What cause speaks to your heart? What do you want to fix? It might be in your community, it might be on the other side of the world. Big or small, it all matters.

Step Two: Pick A Date

Look at your calendar. Turn something you’re already planning into a chance to help your cause. Birthdays, sports events, holidays, even a simple sleepover can be transformed for ultimate social impact.

Step Three: Pick An Activity

Time to get creative! Add an action that relates to your cause.

e.g. Dog rescue + swimming party = Collect used towels for an animal shelter.


Learn more about Lulu and her LemonAid Warriors.