Thanks Jimmy Kimmel! Real Doctors explain Vaccinations [VIDEO]


Jimmy_kimmel-vaccinationThis article republished from Daily Kos.

Jimmy Kimmel has apparently had enough of the anti-vaccination crowd. He addressed the controversy in his monologue and then invited real doctors to share their thoughts. A snippet of his monologue:

“The thing about doctors is they didn’t learn about the human body from their friend’s Facebook page,” says Kimmel. “They went to medical school, where they studied all sorts of amazing things, like how to magically prevent children from contracting horrible diseases by giving them a little shot. You know those little shots of Botox — which is botulism, by the way — that you get in your face to make your head look smooth and your eyes look crazy? A little shot like that and poof, polio is gone.

“But some people do not buy into that, because they did a Google search and Jenny McCarthy popped up and she had clothes on, so they listened to what she had to say and decided not to vaccinate their kid. … This would all be OK if your kids were the only ones affected, they’re your kids. But they’re not [the only ones affected], because unvaccinated kids put all children at risk — especially babies, who are too young to get the vaccination shot.”