Who Has Built World’s Most Efficient Airport


gatwick-airportAn expansion would make Gatwick the world’s most efficient two-runway airport according to new images and an animation released today by creator Sir Terry Farrell.

The airport will function to respond to shifting trends in passenger travel and the plans reveal how queues will be eradicated.

Passenger transit through the new airport will run at a faster pace and aircraft turn-around will be just as fast as the quickest available at the moment.

The design of the new Gatwick has been unveiled just in time as the case for a second runway is building in the airport’s favor. New advertisements will be published this week and they underline Gatwick’s plan, which can be delivered in ten years, by 2025.

In comparison, Heathrow is facing some obstacles that cast doubt whether a third runway could ever be built.

“Farrell’s has designed what Skytrax has twice elected as the best airport in world, and has been a part of many more, but we’ve raised the bar even higher with our stylish master plan to make Gatwick the most efficient two runway airport in the world,” said Sir Terry Farrell.

Queues have been virtually eliminated in the new design; the new terminal was imagined with simplicity in mind, so it will be convenient to use with few changes of level.

“The airfield itself would have the shortest possible taxiing distances with the new apron being placed between both new and existing runways,” added Farrell on his design for Gatwick’s future.