CES 2015: Robots Take Over Las Vegas


ces-robot-wheels-lasvegasOriginal article from ABCNews.  Find it here.

What happens when a bunch of robots go to Las Vegas?

It’s not the plot of a science fiction movie but is instead a reality this week at the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show, where some of the most innovative artificially intelligent machines are stealing the show.

Robots may not rule the world yet, but they can dominate in a game of beer pong, as evidenced by a group seen at Empire Robotics’ booth.

Intel showed its spider dress, which has a built-in self-defense system. The dress was designed by Anouk Wipprecht and uses Intel’s Edison chip.

When someone gets too close to the wearer’s personal space, sensors in the dress alert its spider-like limbs to expand, putting space between the wearer and perceived threat.

Designed by a Japanese company, Bocco is a friendly robot that aims to bring families closer together.

Bocco lets users send a voice message to loved ones at home, which will be delivered by the robot. They can then talk back and the robot will send a voice message reply.

Another feature: Attach a sensor and it can notify someone outside the home when a loved one is home, perfect for working parents whose children go home alone after school.

While having the perfect barbecue may be some peoples’ idea of heaven, the resulting cleanup process is not. That’s where the Grillbot steps in to help.

The robotic cleaners spring into action with the push of a button, using high-powered motors and wire brushes to clean up grill residue in a matter of minutes.

While some people may enjoy working in another office or even state than their boss, the BeamPro robot allows anyone to be virtually present in an office.

Made by Suitable Tech, the robot lets users “interact with remote locations by coupling high-end video and audio with the freedom of motion to move about a space.”

The result: A more collaborative work experience and the joy of knowing that your boss is watching you, even from across the country.