Wines of Argentina: Bodega del Fin Del Mundo


Bodega_del_Fin_Del_MundoOn October 22 2014, Wines of Argentina hosted a tasting at Beverly Hills’ Peninsula Hotel to meet and learn from visiting producers, owners and winemakers.  The room was treated to an impressive selection of wines.

Approximately 500 miles south of Mendoza is the province of Neuquen, Argentina. While Neuquen is mainly known for its mining sector, Bodega Del Fin del Mundo has managed to make a name for itself and the province in wine production. Bodega was the first winery created in Neuquen, and now covers over 2000 acres in Argentine Patagonia. The vast temperature range between night and day helps develop the color, acidity, and aroma of the wine. Bright skies, low humidity, and a lack of rainfall contribute to the superior quality of wines produced. Water descends from high in the Andes mountains to the Neuquen River, and irrigates the winery.

While the geography and climate are crucial to Bodega’s success, the winery prides itself on the use of technology to perfect the winemaking process. Fermentation takes place in 200 stainless steel, temperature-controlled tanks. The winery offers visually stimulating and educational guided tours, showing off its modern winery and equipment. Wine tastings and local products are sampled, and tourists can even participate in pruning vines in preparation for the next year’s crops.

Bodega has won numerous awards in both national and international competitions. The Postales Roble and Special Blends are particularly remarkable. Postales Roble is aged in American and French oak. The wines are described as “fruity, gentle and with soft tannins.” The Malbec is an intense red violet, and features a long and smooth finish.   The Special Blend is produced under the highest standards with the finest grapes, aged for 15 months in French oak barrels. The Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot blend features an intense aroma of fruits with a touch of chocolate and tobacco. It is described as fruity and balanced, and ends with a great finish.