Crayola Announces Color Alive! 4D Experience

Crayola-Color Alive!

Crayola-Color Alive! Technology continues to change the way kids experience life, from education to entertainment. Adapting to the trend, Crayola plans to launch an exciting addition to the digital realm in early 2015. The company, along with technology leader DAQRI, plans to launch the Color Alive! product in February. Crayola refers to Color Alive! as an “augmented reality product,” designed to provide an inventive play experience that combines color and 4D technology. In essence, children will be able to bring an extra dimension to their coloring, both offline and online.

Although the beloved Crayola company is over a century old, the company is producing cutting-edge technology to foster creativity and bring coloring into the digital age. Following the successful release of Crayola’s Virtual Design Pro – Fashion and Cars, Color Alive! aims to revolutionize the coloring experience and transform it for children of the 21st century. The company is excited to see what little artists produce with the new technology.

Initially, Color Alive! will be available in four coloring books – Mythical Creatures, Enchanted Garden, Skylanders, and Barbie. Kids can use the Color Alive! app to begin the 4D experience and use special effects to augment their original drawing in real-time. Photos can even be taken with the coloring book characters. Limited rollout of the product will begin in December 2014, with nationwide availability expected two months later. The app will be available for smartphones and tablets with iOS, Android, and Windows platforms.

Pennsylvania-based Crayola is known worldwide for its contributions to children’s creativity, starting with the iconic Crayola Crayon of 1903. Although it is still famous for its crayons, the company has progressed to produce other inventive crafting and art products, with Color Alive! serving as a perfect example. For more information on Crayola and its products, please visit their website

Los Angeles based DAQRI is known for its innovation with the 4D medium. The company aims to be the paragon for efficiency and quality across a variety of different technologies. For more information on DAQRI, please visit