RADD CARD™ Program Gains Speed and Support with Musician Taylor Carroll


RADDCard-Taylor-Carroll-college-concertThe RADD Card and new music sensation Taylor Carroll are poised to launch a college circuit tour in California to promote responsible behavior and Carroll’s new pop-rock CD Supermess.

The RADD Card, a tool that encourages responsibility in road safety, has partnered with Taylor Carroll a new recording artist from Memphis, TN. The RADD Card is a pre-paid card that mitigates risk by providing safe transportation options to cardholders of all ages. The RADD Card ensures cardholders (as well as parents and guardians) a pre-paid cab ride by covering the meter rate plus a tip. The card is multi-functional, offering membership and loyalty programs as well.

Carroll who has signed on with VHF Channel Records is launching his new CD, Supermess, which is being released nationally on the college radio circuit September 29, 2014.  Carroll is an advocate of road safety and responsible behavior. His partnership with the RADD Card Program is a win-win. The RADD Card program is gaining visibility in the college arena and allowing Carroll to represent the RADD Card and be the voice of responsible behavior to his fans. “Being a entertainer is my lifestyle, but I choose NOT to take it on the road when I have been drinking,” says Carroll. “I take pride in promoting responsible behavior, that is why I am a huge supporter of the RADD Card™ and this program.”

Taylor-Carroll-Supermess-RADDcardThe college circuit tour will promote the RADD Card Program & Carroll’s new album encouraging popular music and responsible behavior to go hand in hand. RADD Card helps to underwrite RADD and its College is RADD DUI prevention program on 32 California campuses.

For more information on the RADD Card Program visit www.RADDCard.com. To follow Carroll’s success visit www.TaylorCarrollmusic.com.