ONCEKids Publishing Brings Fujimini Island and Its Stars to Sept 28 OC Book Fest


ONCEKids-Postcard-v2-cJoin the award-winning family publisher ONCEKids, home of the family-friendly Fujimini Adventures Series, at the OC Book Fest on September 28 in Costa Mesa, CA.

Booth 50, aka Fujimini Island, is sure to be a must-visit for any family who loves reading together. The family fun day includes hours of playtime, meeting our fun and silly characters, and discovering the newest adventures on our island. Each family will leave with special gifts that help their kids have more fun playing at Fujimini Island in the future.

Throughout the day, Fujimini Island visitors can have their picture taken on the island, play our newest video game, choose their favorite characters to have tattooed or face-painted on them; and join storytime with Author Eileen Wacker. In addition we will host a celebrity-voiced live reading of our newest book “Blue Penguin and the Sensational Surf”.

“Blue Penguin and the Sensational Surf” is the newest addition to ONCEKids Publishing multiple award-winning series. The animated book includes the voices of George Takei (Star Trek, The Howard Stern Show), Jason James Richter (Free Willy 1, 2, 3), and Anita Vora (Oscar-winning Life of Pi).

Making the day even more exciting, ONCEKids Publishing and Fujimini Island takes over the main stage with our celebrities to play with the whole family! Find out about our stories, characters and join in games with the entire audience. Kids are sure to love the participation!

ONCEKids is all about finding creative and fun ways to encourage families from all cultures to play and learn together.  With thousands of families set to attend one of OC’s 5 biggest fall festivals, we encourage you to visit Booth 50’s Fujimini Island for a family-friendly visit your children will remember all year!